About johnston:

I've got some stories to tell...but I prefer them short and sweet - poetry serves that purpose. 


After work Is Anytime For Me Now

Let's meet after work,
My friends used to say.
For me now that's anytime,
I'm free every day.

Lost my job,
Doubting my skills.
Fighting temptation,
Of whiskey and pills.
After work is anytime,
For me now.
I'll find a way to go on,
Don't ask me how.

No one to talk to,
Cable gone black.
Call all my friends,
Can't say they call back.
Can't answer the phone,
Collectors are jerks.
Once had it all,
The money and perks. 

After work is anytime,
For me now.
I'll find a way to pay my bills,
Don't ask me how. 

I used to buy drinks,
Have money to share.
For others like me,
I have none to spare.

No one to run with,
Can't get a loan.
My buds are at work,
And I'm all alone.

After work is anytime,
For me now.
I'll find a way to go on
Don't ask me how.

Bathroom Beast

Pigs are messy,
Smelly and crude.
Happy in slop,
Rooting for food.

Whales are slimy,
Giant and wet.
Splish, Splash,
Have you got a net?

Pigs live in sties,
Whales in the sea.
Where did they meet?
How could this be?

Somehow it happened,
That two became one.
This mythical creature,
Weighs more than a ton.

Is it a whale?
With a pig's snout.
It lives in our bathroom,
And I want it out.

It's there every morning,
Don't know where it hides?
Perhaps in the drain,
It boldly resides.

Snout or Spout?
Pink or Blue?
I've never seen it.
Have you?

Moby Swine?
Works just fine.

Water on the floor,
A ring around the sink.
Towels everywhere,
Don't know what to think.

Clogged drain,
Counter all wet.
Help me get rid,
Of this unwelcome pet.

Puddles all around,
Not a dry spot in sight.
Little rubber ducky,
Are you all right?

Cap off the toothpaste,
Bottles askew.
Pigwhalea was here,
There's clue after clue.

I'm very neat,
Each thing has its place.
I look in the mirror,
And see your face.

Brush out of place,
Cosmetics askew.
You've done all this,
Pigwhalea is Y-O-U.